How I Work

It is absolutely essential that I understand what you want so that your new garden meets your requirements. So I listen very carefully to you as you describe your present space, what you would like it to become, and how you would like to use it.

This is the first stage of a tried and tested process covering the whole project from design to completion of construction and planting. It minimises complexity and leaves nothing to chance. This is important because, with the best will in the world, the unexpected can happen (we once found an unexpected well in our garden!). I always remember that it’s your garden: I want you to be — and remain — delighted with it!

The typical main stages of my service are:

Free Initial Meeting

Following your initial enquiry we meet and I explain the service, show examples from my portfolio and leave a copy of my Standard Terms of Business for your consideration.

Client Questionnaire

When you are ready to proceed I invite you to complete and return my Questionnaire. This important document helps the home-owners to think objectively and carefully about the site, and consider ideas prior to our next meeting. The answers provide a comprehensive basis for discussion during our fact-finding meeting.


We meet to discuss your completed questionnaire.  I take time to explore the site and consider practicalities and potential costs and we talk through initial ideas.

Design Brief

The Design Brief summarises your requirements as described in the Questionnaire and the information obtained from the fact-finding meeting. It takes into account possible planning issues regarding the proposed design and construction. It provides the underlying information for the Concept Plan (below).


A professional site survey to show the property, its boundaries, and all existing features will be necessary, and I arrange this for you. To ensure accuracy of interpretation the Survey Plan forms the basis of all the plans I draw.

Concept Plan

The Concept Plan is where creativity and practicality are carefully balanced to illustrate my proposed layout design for your garden. It is based on all the information collected during the preceding steps. Therefore it represents a pivotal stage in the process since it is the foundation for all the detailed plans and subsequent construction. We discuss it carefully and I incorporate any minor changes we may agree.

Detailed Plans

The Detailed Plans derive from the agreed Concept Plan and form the working reference documents for the Landscape Contractor. Typically these comprise separate Hard Landscaping and Planting Plans.


Key elements of construction involve levels, gradients, and drainage. It follows that skills differing from those for house-building are needed and it is essential to engage a Landscape Contractor who possesses them. I can help you find one.

Project Monitoring

I can monitor the project’s progress to ensure it stays on course and to deal speedily and satisfactorily with any matters that may arise. Should this happen, good communications between the Client, the Designer and the Landscape Contractor are essential to solve problems, discuss any changes to costs, and control the project. I always discuss with you all significant estimated cost changes before taking further action.

Follow-up Advisory and Maintenance Visit

I offer to visit the garden six months after its completion to ensure that you remain entirely satisfied.

If you have any questions on Garden Design call me on 01981 200232 for a no-obligation chat or email Or fill in my Contact form and I will be happy to call you back.

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